Technical Information

1. The Frame
Stonescreen is constructed with a skeleton structural frame of extruded aluminium alloy. Aluminium combines lightness, strength, corrosion resistance and design flexibility. The aluminium frame may be assembled off site on site assemble as individual elements. The frame is bolted to the building structure normally at each floor. The vertical frame members hang on the outside of the floor slabs.

2. The insulated wall Panels
100mm thick insulated composite panels are clamps onto the frame system between air sealing rubber gaskets. The outskins of the composite panels are polyester coated steel with PIR or mineral wool core. The manufacturing process is quality assured and registered BS EN 9002:1994. The panels form an external envelope which hermically sealed envelope to the building with no penetrations where water may ingress.

3. The Stone rainscreen
Stonescreen stone rainscreen cladding support system is attached to the frame members. There is no penetration of the frame or wall panels. The screws and bolts only penetrate hollow chambers within the frame so that air seal is maintained. Stone panels are attached to the stone stone support system so that stone panels is individually support and restrained. System design prevents any building or frame movements being transferred to the stone. Stone panels are slimmer, lighter, easier to install and safer  than traditional stone cladding. Stone cladding panels are usually used at 30mm or 40mm thick.
Various stone finished and various surface finished are available.