Stonescreen Lite© vs Aerolite©

Stonescreen Lite© panels are a composite construction with an aluminium honeycomb core. This aluminium honeycomb provides a much smaller area of bond contact with the stone laminate. The bond relies on a small fillet and is also more dependent on resin viscosity, temperature, vacuum etc.

Stonescreen Aerolite© panels are a composite construction with a Piracell© core. As a solid material it provides a large surface area for bonding to the stone laminate. This enable 100% bond contact and a significantly higher bond strength then to a honeycomb core.

The aluminium core Stonescreen Lite© type composite panels have been extensively used to clad buildings for over 40 years.
Stonescreen Aerolite© is a significant technical improvement of this product.

We recommend Stonescreen Aerolite© for panels of large dimensions and in harsh environments of high wind loads etc. Stonescreen Lite© is used in small format panels or internally only.