Stonescreen Aerolite©

Stonescreen Aerolite©  is our flagship product, our highest performance lightweight composite panel that quickly become the choice of specifiers.

Stonescreen Aerolite are thin stone faced composite panels laminated onto a glass mesh reinforced foam glass backing that are engineered to maximize low weight with high strength ratio.The combination of cellular glass reinforced with layers of glass fibre produces a very high strength and low weight substrate which is faced with a thin veneer of natural or artificial Stone.

The glass foam is manufactured from 100% industrial waste from the ceramics industry and so as well as using 100% recycled raw materials it is cleaning up industrial waste dump sites.

The manufacturing of foam glass is controlling and clearing these waste products. Foam glass can be recycled indefinitely.

Stonescreen Aerolite© Key Advantages
Stonescreen Aerolite© Core Materials