Stonescreen Aerolite© Core Materials

Piracell© has impressive characteristics:
• Lifetime performance without degradation.
• Impervious to any form of moisture and vapour.
• Low Weight – Only 2Kg/m2 for every 1cm
• Thermal Insulation – Thermal Conductivity lower than mineral wool at 0.03 W/mK
• Fire proof – Non combustible, will not burn or give off any toxic fumes or smoke.
• Dimensionally stable. No shrinkage or expansion.
• High strength.
• Rot, insect, vermin, radon and acid resistant.
• Large panels up to 3m long x 1.6m wide.
• 100% recyclable.
• Totally inorganic and will not support the growth of mould, fungi or micro-organisms.
• Free of CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs and other pollutants.
• Its extraordinarily long service life has a very positive additional effect on it’s total energy balance sheet.

Also Piracell© is:
1. Waterproof
2. Pest-proof
3. High Compressive and Flexural Strength
4. Non-Combustible Classification according to EN 13501:A1
5. Impervious to Air and Vapour as it consists of hermetically sealed glass cells.
6. Dimensionally stable – doesn’t shrink, bow or swell and has very low coefficient of thermal expansion very similar to stone.
7. Resistant to solvents and acids.
8. Easy to Cut.
9. Ecological – Free of any environmentally damaging flame retardants and no relevant eco-toxic components.