Stonescreen Curtain Wall

Stonescreen allows the facade designer unlimited flexibility from slim flat external wall to highly profiled, articulated facade with deep reveals, projecting elements, parapets and cornices etc.

The system can be equally suitable for a classical architectural facade as a contemporary facade. Stone cladding panels can be arranged in any configuration, i.e stack bonded, stagger bonded, random etc.

Stone cladding can be flat, faccetted or curved. Stone rainscreen cladding Joints can be open or pointed. Panel dimension limitations depend on the stone selected but all panels are cut specifically for each project so there are no limitations to standard sizes.

The system has been developed for seismic conditions and can accomodate high levels or structural movement.

Visible movement joints can be avoided to produce a monolithic appearance and avoid the grid appearance of movement joints evident in conventional stone cladding or panelised constructions.

Stonescreen can be installed as a site assemled stick system, semi unitised or fully unitised. Full external wall system from external face of stone to internal wall finish can be as slim as 275mm whilst acheiving a U value of 0.35 W/M2K.

U values lower than 0.2 W/M2K are also available with our enhanced system.

Any type of stone is available from local stones to stones sourced worldwide.