Stonescreen Lite©

Stonescreen Lite© has considerable advantages over traditional solid stone cladding. Lower cost, lower weight, shorter programme, safer installation. Also, the panels can be formed curved either convex or concave. Our Natural stone honeycomb panels are composite panels made up of a thin natural solid stone veneer reinforced with an aluminum honeycomb backing:

Natural stone veneer + Aluminum sheet / Fiber glass sheet +  Aluminum honeycomb core + Aluminum sheet / Fiber glass sheet.

• Calibrated manufacture for precise installation
• Manually handleable, (Panel Weight approx. 15Kg/M2)
• Large panel formats up to 1.2m x 2.4m
• Fast & Safe construction – Lower environmental impact
• BS Fire Classification Class 0

Stonescreen Lite© Key Advantages

Stonescreen Lite vs Stonescreen Aerolite