Engineered stone

Our engineered Stone is manufactured from 95% of natural stone and about 5% of binding material (synthetic resin), pigments and aggregate. The mix is cast into blocks of approximately 8 cubic metres. Various processes are employed to replicate variable vein or grain to simulate natural stone. Once cured, the blocks are sawn and worked the same as natural stone. They are then installed the same as natural stone rainscreen cladding. The process results on every stone panel being unique, just like natural stone.The client can custom design their choice of colour, appearance and finish. Any colour is achievable. As well as a standard colour range the enigeered stone can be custom produced to the colour and appearance required. Surface finishes available include: Polished, Honed, Sand Blasted and Bush Hammered.

• Engineered stone has the appearance of natural stone without the natural flaws and defects of natural stone.
• Higher strength than Natural Limestone and therefore be used at reduced thickness.
• Very Low porosity, highly durable.
• Can be produced in any colour, grain and veining to match any natural Stone.
• Used as a cladding material across Europe for over 40 years.
• Fully tested and CE marked.
• Certification includes CWCT impact test.

Low cost – High strength  – Consistent properties  – Improves your BREEAM rating