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January 4, 2023
THE MIDTOWNE | ATLANTA——————————————————

The Landmark Midtowne Building is our latest high rise project where we are supplying Stonescreen Aerolite© panels faced with white marble to the 300,000 ft2 facade of this 800,000 ft2 office building in Midtown Atlanta. The building renovation and expansion consists of an office and retail podium that surrounds the office tower and rests atop the existing parking garage, an addition to the roof of the tower and a renovation of the building’s main lobby.



Stonescreen Aerolite©

Light weight stone faced composite panel technology has been established for over 40 years originally for its benefits in high rise construction. Its advantages over traditional solid stone being are high weight to strength ratio. Stone composite panels were originally developed using aluminium honeycomb as its core or backing material. The latest innovation from Stonescreen is their Stonescreen Aerolite© product which uses a specially developed backing PIRACELL© as its core or backing material which has considerably superior technical properties and advantages. Stonescreen Aerolite© superseded Stonescreen Lite© our high performance cladding product.

Stonescreen Lite©

Stonescreen Lite© is our original light weight stone cladding product. This architectural cladding panel is constructed using an aluminium honeycomb substrate and faced with a thin laminate of natural or artificial stone. Aluminium honeycomb was original developed for use in the aerospace industry for its combination of strength, durability and low weight. The imbalance between stone and honeycomb causes bowing in large format and flat panels. Due to technical limitations of this product we mainly recommend for internal use or external use under certain limited design conditions.


Stonescreen Curtain Wall

Stonescreen is a complete high performance external wall system specially designed to be faced with natural stone or other cladding materials and can incorporate standard or bespoke windows, doors, shades, louvres etc. The system is a double skin wall construction comprising of a weather and air tight backing wall which is faced with a rainscreen cladding. It is fully drained, thermally broken, back ventilated and has excellent thermal and acoustic properties. Stonescreen combines the benefits and elegance of natural stone within a high performance curtain wall system.