Stonescreen SIM block

Stonescreen Aerolite© Masonry or SIM (Structural Insulated Masonry) is a new lightweight masonry block  combining thermal and mechanical performance of our flagship product Stonescreen Aerolite© and the  finished quality of natural stone.


  • The block includes the insulation and finish resulting in rapid construction
  • High thermal insulating performance
  • Very lightweight
  • Faced with thin veneer of natural stone
  • Non combustible (Class 0 and A1)
  • Zero risk of interstitial condensation (damp) occurring
  • No cold bridging
  • Excellent air tightness
  • Fully waterproof
  • Robust, durable
  • Easy cut on site
  • Wide range of external finishes
  • Much lower cost than cladding masonry with natural stone.