Stonescreen Magrolam

Stonescreen Magrolam is our ultra slim composite tile for interior walls and floors: large format tiles and slabs, strong, flat, reduces cost, fast and simple to install.

Magrolam tiles are a lamination of 5mm of natural stone onto a 9mm thick high density porcelain backing.
Combines the strength, durability and flatness of a porcelain tile with the natural beauty of natural stone.

At a total thickness of 14mm and weight of 31Kg per M2 Magrolam tiles may be installed using tile adhesive and avoids the need for mechanical fixings that are required for installing solid 20mm thick marble. Mechanical fixings are often visible through translucent white marbles. 20mm thick marble in large panels also are subject to bowing. This problem is avoided with Magrolam.

Tiles available up to 2.7m x 1.4m
Considerable savings and technical advantages are available with Stonescreen Magrolam.

Installation guidelines can be found in BS 5385-1 2018.